What are our roots?

Originally from Charleroi, Belgium, we are very proud of our region. A city on the verge of a complete transformation and revival. We wanted to do our part to help our region make a step in the right direction. To achieve this, we decided to develop our project as locally as possible. Our brand isn't being left behind either. Carbon DC is a nod to our origins. Wallonia has long been known for its mining past, so it seemed obvious to us to refer to carbon. Carbon being chosen, the only thing left to do was reference the Charleroi area. “DC”, therefore, refers to “District of Charleroi” or in French and with humour, “d’ici” (from here).

Wait up! Where does the idea of turning a bag into a mat come from?

Frequent pool patrons, we always encountered the same problem. The nightmare of the crowded and filthy stall. Over the years, we were happy doing things like everyone else - using our bath towel as a mop. Not finding this solution very clean, nor practical, we finally decided to go out and invest in something that could help. So, we headed to the store for a better solution.

To our amazement, nothing effective existed on the market. In fact, to this very day, we can either bring an extra towel to use as a mat or, we can buy a special pool mat that we end up throwing into our bags anyway. Both solutions present the same problems. As explained in detail in our section "The concept", these solutions are not clean and even less practical.

Thanks to this realisation, the concept for our transformable bag was swiftly born. A first usable prototype was rapidly designed and tested. The findings were indisputable. We wouldn't be able to live without it. Because so many people are so aware of the changing stall problem, we decided to move forward and start verifying the public's opinion. Instantly, we realized that this type of bag could be suitable for other activities, as soon as the necessity to step into a changing room arose. So, we summed up this model by calling it "The ultimate locker room bag".

qui sommes nous
qui sommes nous